The River Barrow is the second longest river system in Ireland and its potential has largely been untapped to date. It is in poor relation when compared with the River Shannon. The Barrow has always struggled to get the funds it needs to develop, unlike the western river which has always been successful. To further develop the River Barrow as a green tourism destination in Ireland it will be necessary to carry out much work to the river, towpaths and existing structures. Proper access points to the river need to be identified, repaired, purchased and constructed.


The River Barrow has been identified as an area of national importance for tourism and a priority region for further development.



The River Barrow has so much to offer tourists looking for a green tourism destination in Ireland. The Barrow Valley is truly a beautiful area - the lush green forests, gentle slopes, flat plains and of course the river offer spectacular scenery.  In cruising these waters,  every sense will be rewarded as the unspoilt beauty of the Barrow valley grows with each and every passing mile. Stop off at the many quaint towns and villages for a bite to eat or have a pint in a traditional Irish pub.


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